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Massage for MS
Posted on: 07/07/2015 @ 11:37am

Muliple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory condition which affects around 100,000 people in the UK.

Roughly 3 times as many women have MS as men.

Symptons might include Fatigue, vision problems and difficulties with walking but MS is different for everyone.

Muscle tension and spasticity may occur and having regular massage can help improve flexibility and reduce spasticity. Stress is one of the triggers of an MS flare up, having massage can help sufferers feel less anxious and less depressed.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage is contraindicated for MS however, warm stones can be very beneficial for muscle tension and restoring emotional balance, cool (room temperature) stones to help reduce inflammation.

It is important that a Massage Therapist works to the need of the client as each will vary in the severity of his or her condition, because MS is an inflammatory condition it is recommended that if acute or in flare up stage to wait until this passes. Short treatment sessions are also recommended as to not over stimulate the body.

If you would like to try a massage, 20 minute taster sessions are available from as little as £15.






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